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Employee Loan Programs

Employee Loan Programs

We have seen the need to help Tribal members and those working for Northwest Area Tribes to remove themselves from the difficult cycle of high interest Pay Day loan institutions.

With the Employee Loan Program we will work with individuals Human Resources department to set up a reasonable pay-back plan.

Anti-Payday Loans

We at the NNDF are working to help individuals get out of the destructive Pay Day Loan cycle.

We pay off the debt accumulated from the institution the individual is unable to pay off, and then provide a one-time loan at 15% interest.

Once individuals no longer live in the Pay Day Loan cycle a sense of freedom and relief will create a more positive outlook on life and all the possibilities offered.

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Other Loan Types

Don’t see what you need? We also offer a wide range of other types of loans, including:

  • NCredit Builder Loans
  • NEagle Loans
  • NRehab / Construction

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