NNDF To Tackle Area Housing Shortage
Lead, follow or get out of the way

 Do you ever just get tired of things? Frustrated and want to scream? Shake your fist?

Well the time of screaming and fist shaking is over. I got tired
of seeing so many good hard working people in my community wait in
frustration to find a simple home. Nothing fancy mind you, but clean and
safe and something to call their own.

A recent query of area mortgage lenders showed almost 40 people
pre-approved and waiting for almost a year (some more) to find a home in
our area. Unfortunately home prices in our region have been affected by
two things that are out of the control of our people.

1) Electricity prices.
2) Puget Sound migrants

It has been a long hard year of trying to put this initiative
together and it may not be perfected… But… We are running with it
now anyway and damn the torpedoes.

I believe that by empowring and capitalizing the creativity of
local entrepeneurs we can unleash the power of the community. Just as
more hands are better than one so are more brains. We have industrious
people in our area and I hope that some of them are just waiting for
someone like the NNDF to take a bet on them. Well… welcome to the
table and let’s push some money into the pot.

I also believe in leading by example. I want to give the NNDF
Board of Directors a big shout out for getting fully behind this
initiative. They too believe in this cause and as such we will be
constructing some new homes. We will look to build simple, reasonable
homes for entry level buyers and will also look to add a solar component
to the construction so as to offset the inordinately high power costs
of our region.

Both issues are a tall order. However the cost of doing nothing as
the local housing stock continues to age and decay driving housing
costs higher and higher, is a cost that will be too much to bear.

So stay tuned and watch if you want. Or, better yet, grab a hammer and join us in becoming the answer.


Ted Piccolo
Executive Director


The NNDF infuse the region with new capital for the purpose of adding at least 10 median priced homes in the Nespelem-Coulee Dam and Colville Reservation markets. For local contractors or
do-it-yourselfers NNDF will make available a Construction/Rehab
Loans. :

  • 6 months before first payment is due
  • 15 yr amortization w/2yr pay off
  • Flexibility on collateral

This tool will allow a person to obtain and rehab an existing property using the old property as security. It also allows the borrower to address the cashflow problem by providing the needed capital before the project is finished and goes on the market. Of course, all is dependent upon factors such as borrower credit.

The NNDF hopes that by empowering the entrepreneurial hands individuals we will see an uptick in the number of units available in
the local housing inventory.

Link to full Press Release

Two Pronged Attack-

We will not stop there,” says Ted Piccolo NNDF executive director, “we are also going to start building affordable NEW homes for people.”
A second prong of attack is that the NNDF will begin constructing new homes directed at the first-time entry-level home buyer. Many of these properties will be located on the Colville Indian Reservation with some emphasis toward solar power technology in order to offset the extraordinarily high-power prices in
that region.

Study showed need

A recent study by the Planning department with the Colville Confederated Tribes showed that the majority of the population earned between $25k and $75k with the largest group in that majority earning $35-$49.

Meanwhile a huge portion of that population is paying $1,000 per month in rent.

The cost of power on the Reservation is also a significant factor in that on the Reservation electricity costs .70 per KWH while just
across the Reservation boundary power rates are .044 per KWH.

This makes owning that first home much harder on the Reservation than off.

The NNDF is not going to sit back and watch anymore.

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