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Home Loans

We at the NNDF have made a commitment to de-stigmatize many aspects of the home lending, buying, borrowing process that some people on the Indian Reservations face. Many lending institutions penalize manufactured home buyers by forcing them to pay higher interest rates, or shorter terms, or both!

We work to provide clean, affordable, and safe homes without the penalties many lending institutions put on the manufactured home borrower.

NNDF Will Work With You To Help Make Your Dreams Come True

Who Can Apply

  • NEnrolled members or descendants of Indian Tribes recognized by the Federal or State Governments

What We Can Help Finance

  • NFirst time home
  • NRefinance
  • NDown payment or second loan

Financing Options

  • NTerm Loan: Fixed rate. Term as long as 30 years
  • NLoan amount starting as low as $25,000
  • NLoan to value up to 90%
  • NLoan fees can be added to the loan

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