Upcoming Indianpreneurship Course! Wellpinit Washington.

Mark your calendars everyone. The NNDF will be hosting a two day workshop on entrepreneurship.

When: July 12-13

Where: Spokane Indian Housing Office Wellpinit Washington

Time: 9:00am – 4:00pm.

Information: Contact Olivia Wynecoop, oliviaw@thenndf.org or call (509) 634-2626.


The NNDF Funding Dreams

Financing in Indian Country has always been difficult. Yet the Northwest Native Development Fund is working hard to provide capital to Tribal members expanding existing businesses in the forest products industry.FullSizeRender

Corby Turner has been working hard to grow his wood cutting business where he provides firewood to the Colville Senior wood program. For the last three years Mr. Turner has been working his “day job” while also building his own wood cutting and firewood program.
m. Mr. Turner’s new business expansion hopes to add an additional two employees to his operation.

Mr. Shane Innes and his company “Innes Wood IMG_5132Products” has been a client with the NNDF for a number of years and we have had the opportunity to help Mr. Innes grow his business from tree thinning on the Colville Indian Reservation to providing forest thinning for the National Forest Service as an 8a contractor. Shane’s new business expansion hopes to also add an additional two jobs.

With the recent spate of wildfires in the Pacific Northwest both Mr. Innes and Mr. Turner have undertaken to develop a fire suppression aspect of their forest service businesses.

These are just two more examples of our local Tribal members working hard and growing their businesses.

Toni Jo Hall For Native Business Awards Gala!

The Stage Is Set For A Fun Filled Evening!

If you have not seen Tonia Native Business Awards GalaJo Hall perform you are definitely missing something. Ms. Hall has become somewhat of an internet sensation by performing and recording her very own “Auntie Beachruss” character. Now come out and join the NNDF and friends for an evening of fun, laughs, art and dinner.

Last year there were over 200 people who joined for our event with Grammy Nominee Randy Wood. This year looks to be even larger.

The event is set for April 22nd at Northern Quest Resort and Casino. Tickets are on sale now. You can purchase them online HERE or you can call Rhonda St. Pierre. Tickets are numbered for the incredible silent auction. Tickets are only $15 dollars and that provides you with a meal, entry into the silent auction and the hilarious comedy of Tonia Jo Hall.

Now you can also become a sponsor of this incredible event. Would you like to be part of an even that makes everyone happy? An evening where hundreds of people recognize the hard work and dedication of hard working Native Business Owners, artists and those who support them? By sponsoring this event you help the NNDF continue to provide services to entrepreneurs. You will help this wonderful event continue. You will have your name up in lights on the big screen so everyone will know that YOU TOO stand with these hard working people.

Eagle Sponsor $2,500:

  1. Will receive all of the benefits of the Salmon Sponsor, PLUS;
  2. Live recognition from the emcee of the event on the evening of the event;
  3. A table (Seating 10)

Salmon Sponsor $1,500:

  1. Salmon Sponsor will receive a minimum of three weekly expressions of appreciation in NNDF social media marketing (Facebook, Twitter);
  2. A footnote of thanks and appreciation on all emails delivered regarding the event, before and after the gala;
  3. A mention in any materials that are printed from the time sponsorship is confirmed up to the time of the event and to include any relevant post event publications;
  4. Logo and company name in printed materials distributed at the event;
  5. Logo and company name included in video presentation at the event.Screen Shot 2016-02-01 at 4.32.57 PM

Bear Sponsorship $1,000:

  1. Bear sponsor will receive a minimum of a once weekly expression of appreciation in NNDF social media marketing (Facebook, Twitter);
  2. Logo and company name in printed materials distributed at the event;
  3. Logo and company name included in video presentation at the event.

Hummingbird Sponsorship $500:

  1. Initial thanks for sponsorship in NNDF social media marketing (Facebook, Twitter);
  2. Logo and company name in printed materials distributed at the event.
  3. Logo and company name included in the video presentation at the event.

Please contact Damaris Ortiz at (509) 633-9940 or email damariso@thennf.org. If you would like your logo to be presented in the materials please be sure to have your marketing department include them in your email along with something wonderful we can say about your organization in the video presentation!

The NNDF is a 501c3 Non-Profit Corporation and all contributions are tax deductible


Nominate Someone Today! It’s easy!

Do you know a person or business who deserves to be recognized for their contributions to the Native owned business community?

The Bear Award is given to a person or business or group who has been an advocate for the Native business community. Do you know someone who has been an advocate for Native businesses? Past winners include Dave Bonga from the Kalispell Tribe and Shivon Brite. Both have been quietly supporting businesses in Indian country.   If you know someone who does not get enough recognition then nominate them. It’s free and easy to nominate them. Simply go to THIS website and send in your nomination. We will then process your nomination. (The Bear in Native culture is often recognized as a protector of the little ones in the forest.)

Salmon Award is given to a person or business or group who has gone out of their way to buy Native. This can be a person or a business or an organization. Maybe you know a purchasing agent with a business or organization who tries to support Native owned businesses by purchasing Native products or services. Past winners include Wild Horse Casino and Resort and Gary George and Charlene “Sam” Wilson. Both were recognized for going out of their way to try to purchase Native products and services. We often encourage others to “Buy Native,” so now let’s recognize and celebrate people who do. Please go to this WEBLINK and make your nomination online. (In the Northwest Native culture the Salmon is recognized as providing for our people. He gives of himself. He is trade for our people.)

2014 07 29 Buy Local with url

Nominate Your Favorite Native Business of the Year!

Hundreds of attendees had a great time and enjoyable evening.

2014 Gala everyone had a great time!

Do you know a Native business owner in Washington State? The Northwest? Want to see them be recognized for their products, services or successes? We are looking for three kinds of nominees.

The Advocate: Or as we call it the “Bear” award. Do you know a person or organization who has been an advocate for Native owned businesses? That person or organization who, like the bear, looks out for others. Strong, dependable. Too often these people or companies go unnoticed. We want to award them in front of hundreds of their peers. All you have to do is go to this link and provide your nomination for the Bear award.

The Purchaser: Or as we call them, the “Salmon” award. Do you know a person or business who makes a strong effort to buy from Native owned businesses? Purchase Native products or services? We are forever encouraging people to “Buy Native” and yet we very seldom actually recognize them when they do. So let’s recognize a person or business who “Buys Native.” Then go to this link and nominate your selection for the Salmon Award.

Meet last year’s award winners, L to R: Charlene Sam Wilson (Salmon Award), Connie Shaver (Eagle Award) and Shivon Brite (Bear Award)

Winners1 copy

Online nominations HERE. Or you can email your nominations to damariso@thenndf.org.

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Native Awards Gala Draws 100’s

The 2014 Native Business Awards Gala drew hundreds of attendees.

The night was elegant, light, fun and a great way to set off the holiday season.

Here are a few pictures from the evenings event.


Hundreds of attendees had a great time and enjoyable evening.

Hundreds of attendees had a great time and enjoyable evening.

Attendees had an opportunity to view and bid on work by local artists.

Attendees had an opportunity to view and bid on work by local artists.

Wondering if they should "up" the bid?

Wondering if they should “up” the bid?

crowd crowd3

A Most Awesome Event Cometh!

Native Business Awards Gala With Grammy Nominee Randy Wood!

November 21st, Northern Quest Resort, 5:30pm

Tickets $15 gets: Dinner, Silent Auction, Music/Entertainment, Awards Presentation

Call Damaris or Matt: (509) 634-2626, Email: damariso@thenndf.org

2014 11 NNDF Award Dinner POSTER BLACK 300ppi

Like the NNDF on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TheNNDF

Sponsored by:



Save the Date! Get Your Tickets Now!

Mark your calendars! Spread the word! November 21st.

Time is running out to pre-purchase your tickets for the 2nd annual Native Business Awards Gala.

Call Damaris at (509) 633-9940 to order your tickets. $15 per person or you can purchase an entire table at $12 per seat.

You get dinner, entertainment, silent auction items and of course the Native Business Awards presentation.
Pre-order your tickets today and pay for the tickets when they are delivered to your office!!!

$15.00 per ticket or $120.00 for a table that seats 10 people (Includes Buffet Dinner, Silent Auction, Awards, & Live Entertainment)
Location & Time: Northern Quest Casino at 5:30 PM

Special Guest: Randy WoodSANYO DIGITAL CAMERA

Randy is 2 time Grammy nominee singer, drummer, story teller. The NNDF is delighted to have Mr. Wood attend our event and provide our guests with an inspirational evening.


Special Appearance: Elizabeth Phillips

Local UFC fighter from Omak Washington

Local UFC fighter from Omak Washington

Ms. Phillips is a female MMA Fighter who has been featured in two UFC fights just this year. She is an up and coming talent from Indian Country and was raised on the Colville Indian Reservation. A true inspiration of dedication discipline for the youth of our region.

To pre-order contact Matt Pleasants at 509-634-2626 or by email mattp@thenndf.org

Now search for Native Owned Businesses. Officially certified through Tribal TERO.

Do you know a government purchasing agent? A local buyer? Know a city who wants to reach out and purchase products or servies from a Native American owned business? Click HERE.

2014 07 29 Buy Local with url

Well now you can search the Colville and Spokane Tribal TERO offices to find business who have been officially certified through their local TERO offices. Sure the State of Washington has their own Minority Owned Business certification, however businesses who have gone through the local Tribal TERO offices have to clear a higher hurdle than State or Federal minority certifications.


Simply go HERE and click on the Colville or Spokane Tribal TERO button, enter the type of business or service you are looking for and scroll through to find the Tribal member owned business.