Her First Home!

Let us introduce you to Nicolette Descoteaux.  A single mother with 3 children. She enrolled in the IDA program offered by Northwest Native Development Fund in 2016. This is a matched savings program that also consists of a set of key education elements. The program would assist her with home buyer education, financial literacy training and a savings account with an 8 to 1 match (up to $4,000) and would teach healthy financial habits.  

“NNDF’s IDA program was an amazing resource.  In addition to the down payment assistance, the program included a homebuyer’s education course which was invaluable – I was able to work through the process with confidence.  I’m proud of myself and look forward to raising my children in our own home.”– Nicolette Descoteaux

We at the NNDF could not be prouder of Nicolette. She worked very hard to achieve this. NNDF’s Program Coordinator Cassandra Waters goes on to say that, “Nicolette is brilliant resilient and a genuine light to our community. She will continue to inspire those working towards similar goals.

Photo credit Roxanne Best, Roxtography.

The Northwest Native Development Fund is a 501c3 non-profit Native Community Development Financial Institution (CDFI) serving the Plateau Native Community in Eastern Washington State.

Native CDFI Loan Underwriting Training

September 13-14

Small Business Loan Underwriting Training

With NNDF and Oweesta

This event is for loan officers, CDFI accountants, Executive Directors.

Would you like to see how other Native CDFI’s intake, underwrite and process small business loans? Walk through the process of underwriting different small business loans?

Save this date and book your rooms under the Northwest Native Development Fund room block at the Centennial Hotel (formerly Hotel RL) in Spokane Washington. The special NNDF rate for this event is $95 per night. Room block dates are available Wednesday September 12 through Friday September 14. View room block flyer HERE.

Call The Centennial Hotel Spokane to book your room under the room block toll free: 1-844-733-3305 and ask for Mary Jean Jacob. Or you can email Mary Jean at MJacob@centennialhotelspokane.com and refer to the Northwest Native Development Fund block code NORT0912.

Classroom space is limited to 40 individuals. If you want to insure that you have space at this event register ONLINE HERE.  If you have any questions please contact Cassandra at cassandraw@thenndf.org (or call (509) 633-9940)  in order to secure your registration. Cost for the training is $150.

— Draft Agenda —

Wednesday Arrivals


  • NNDF- Essentials of gathering information for Small Business loan underwriting.
  • Oweesta/NNDF – Underwrite and analyze small business #1. Walk through analysis.
  • Oweesta/NNDF – Underwrite and analyze small business #2.
  • Closing Day for both loans. Perfecting the deal.
  • 4:00 Wrap


  • Rewriting a failing loan
  • Procedures when a loan fails
  • Managing your loan portfolio
  • Lunch keynote with Chrystel Cornelius
  • 5:30 pm Gala and Native Business Awards
    • Attendees are invited to join the NNDF as we celebrate our 10 year anniversary. Workshop attendees are encouraged to join us for the Friday night Native Business Awards Gala. As a paid attendee of the workshop you will get free attendance to the awards night, dinner and entertainment. We just ask that you RSVP for that event as well because our seating is limited.

Save the Date Loan Underwriter Training September 13-14

Do you know a Native CDFI with a Loan Officer who would like to learn more about underwriting small business loans? How about a Native CDFI who has an accountant that would like to learn more about CDFI accounting? Would they like join with some other Loan Officers and Financial Officers and learn best practices?

Please join the NNDF as we will be joined by First Nations Oweesta Corp in hosting a workshop in Spokane Washington on September 13 & 14 to walk through the process of underwriting, closing and following up on small business loans. And a secondary training  on maintaining your CDFI financials.

As an added benefit, the evening of the second day the NNDF will be hosting our 4th annual Native Business Awards Gala and all course participants are welcome to join us in an evening of celebrating Native Entrepreneurship.

The cost of this event is $150. A hotel block is available at the Centennial Hotel Spokane. Please contact Cassandra at cassandraw@thenndf.org for more information or to reserve your spot today.

Space for this event will be limited to 40 individuals.

CDFI Training For Financial Officers/Grant Mgt/Accountants


Join us in Portland!

We will be hosting Finance Reporting & Grant Tracking Workshop on July 12-13 at the Red Lion Hotel on the River Jantzen Beach

Room blocks are available while spaces last. Reserve before June 9th and registration is FREE! Registration after June 9th will cost $220.00

Rooms are available in our room block before June 14th for $179.00 per night.

Join your industry comrades for this 2-day training where we will uncover the secrets of budgeting for non-profits, financial reporting, and steps to success for keeping your non-profit books in order.

If you have questions or would like to reserve your spot, email chrisc@thenndf.org

The room block rate will stay at $179 +tax until June 14th, just mention “CDFI training”.

Both the room block, and workshop will be located at the Red Lion Hotel, 909 N Hayden Island Dr, Portland, OR 97217. You can reserve your room under the room block rate HERE or by calling the hotel directly at (503)283-4466 and ask for the CDFI Training.

Reserve through the Red Lion
WEBSITE by June 14th to receive the discounted room rate and after you reserve your room be sure that Chris (chrisc@thenndf.org)  or Cassandra (cassandraw@thenndf.org) have your name down as an RSVP in order to attend the workshop for free.

DRAFT AGENDAInstagram-Image

Come and join other Native CDFI accountants, grant managers and financial management professionals. In this two day workshop we will share how the NNDF has managed multiple income streams, grant cycles and company audits. How we have prepared for intermediary lenders and low interest EQ2 lenders. We share our best practices, mistakes and successes. It is a small gathering of individuals performing the same tasks for different but similar companies. Your company accountant/financial manager will also get time to share with others in the industry.

8:30am – 9:00am –
Intro: Best Practices Beginnings
The importance of laying a good foundation for managing a living, growing and changing non-profit company.

9:00am – 10:00am –
Genesis of the Bucket Grant Management System
Learn from industry professionals who have had to manage the finances of a Native CDFI with multiple revenue streams. These individuals have grown with the NNDF from small to large. Use the template we will provide to build your own “bucket.”

10:00am – 12:00pm –
Laying the foundation for your accounting system
It is important to lay the foundation for your accounting system. You set up your initial system properly and it will grow with your organization. Help your Executive Director with their long term planning and short term budget management. Lower the costs of your annual audits. 

12:00pm – 2:00pm –
Multi-Bucket Operations
Each grant source is different. Almost like people they have their own personalities, their own needs, timelines and requirements. How on earth do you keep them straight?!

2:00pm-4:00pm –
Quickbooks Operations with Multiple Grant Tracking System
Learn from a former CPA and auditor how to build your accounting system to match your grant tracking system. Keep your entire organization’s finances on track month after month.

As a CDFI you have: Grant revenue, interest revenue, other earned revenue.

You also have: Grant expense based on timing and tasks. Operational expenses, other expenses.


9:00am – 11:00am – Lab Work
Exercises with the Grant Spreadsheet
Bring your own company’s information and use the templates provided to build a grant tracking document that fits your organization. Customize it. Play with it. And take it home to your Executive Director.

11:00am – 1:00pm –
Grant spreadsheets as an Operating Document
After learning how to create multiple “bucket” sheets you get to see how to incorporate those into a grand operating budget. This is a document that can be used year after year. Adapts to your growing organization and can be used throughout the year to track your organization’s progress.

1:00pm – 3:00pm –
Audit Preparations for full organization
Learn from a former auditor how to prepare your organization for your audit. Save your organization money on your audit. Ask questions about what an auditor is looking for. Share with other accountants and financial management professionals in the field.

FREE CDFI Financial Officers Workshop!


Do you know a Native CDFI with an accountant? A grant manager? Would like join with some other Financial Officers and learn best practices?

Please join the NNDF as we will be hosting a free workshop in Portland Oregon on July 12-13 to cover such things as “buckets” and “classes” and “audit preparation.”

This event is free if you RSVP before June 9th. After June 9th there will be a $220 fee for the workshop.

Image Communications (Customer Service) Workshop

The NNDF is excited to offer another round of our popular “Image Communications” workshop. This time to those working within the Government Center of the ColvilCustomer Servicele Confederated Tribes in Nespelem Washington. This fast paced workshop is presented in a fun manner by Roxanne Best and
we teach people the importance of proper phone etiquette, body language, dressing for success and much more.

Your future business is based in large part on your image. Your image communicates who you are and how you live work and serve. Be sure that you are communicating the proper image of you
and your business. It’s Image Communications.

This workshop is free to those departments in the Lucy Covington Government Center. However we do ask you to notify our program coordinator ahead of time at cassandraw@thenndf.org or (509) 633-9940 if you would like to attend or to have members of your staff attend.

When: April 4th

Where: Lucy Covington Gov’t. Center Nespelem WA

Time: 10:00 – 3:00pm

Cost: Free to programs or departments within the government center with RSV


Northwest Native Development Fund Provides Funding For Local Business

Coulee Dam, WA – The Northwest Native Development Fund (NNDF) makes another small business loan in Indian country. Brian Nissen, Chairman of the Boar of the Colville Security company, recently led the company to provide security services for Chief Joseph Dam. Colville Security is an 8a certified company that is now employing over 28 people on (and around) the Colville Indian Reservation.1872

Due to a natural delay in billing cycles, the fledgling company needed funds to purchase some necessary equipment at the front end of the new deal. That led them to the Northwest Native Development Fund and the relationship is a natural fit. The NNDF was able to provide the working capital funding needed to bridge the billing gap.

“This is a case where the NNDF has shown a natural fit as a financing entity. The business gets the job, hires the people, purchases the equipment and NNDF provides the ‘first in’ financing where no one else could do it.” said Ted Piccolo, executive director of NNDF (pictured with Brian Nissen).

The NNDF looks forward to serving the Native owned security company on further cashflow needs as they continue to grow and add more jobs to the Colville Indian Reservation and surrounding communities.
About The Northwest Native Development Fund

The Northwest Native Development Fund seeks to foster economic and financial independence for Native people by assisting in the development of personal assets through financial and entrepreneurial education as well as providing access to capital through creative lending products. NNDF will promote this mission by increasing home ownership and economic opportunities.

For more information on the NNDF, go to www.thenndf.org.

Upcoming FREE Marketing Workshop

Ever wonder why some businesses are able to generate so much stinking traffic with their social media marketing campaigns? How on earth to they get soooo many people talking about their coffee, breakfast, shirts, shoes or insurance, etc…?

Well come out to this free workshop being taught by a social media marketing professional right here in little ol Omak Washington.

Because free is a very good price.

When: November 19th

Where: 12 Tribes Casino, Omak

Time: 10am – 2pm

Presented by the Northwest Native Development Fund and sponsored by the Economic Alliance of Okanogan. thinklike-amarketer-1

At NNDF we LOVE the smell of diesel!

This is a prime example of what the Northwest Native Development Fund was created for.  We are honored to be able to provide assistance to entrepreneurs in our region.jerry-ford-redbones

Here is a note we received from Jerry Ford, owner of Redbone Logging:

“I want to Thank NNDF for the approval on my loan to purchase my very own Log Skidder. This piece of equipment is going to be a huge asset to Redbone Logging. I have been leasing a skidder since last year’s salvage and now I can finally put some payments to something I will own myself. 

“A year ago when I started Redbone Logging it was a struggle because I was starting all over and had no money. I was begging and borrowing just to get fuel to work. I kept saying to myself… ‘just someone give me a chance because I know I can do this.’ Now NNDF is helping me with this loan and I am so thankful.“I really needed this loan, so I contacted NNDF. They have been so helpful and fast to respond, I am so glad I went that route. Again, ‘Thank You’ Ted and The Whole Staff and Committee! The Redbone Logging Family appreciates this and will not let you guys down.”We have every confidence that Jerry and Redbone Logging will do just that.

The Northwest Native Development Fund has been serving the people of the Plateau Indian Tribes for 6 years and has provided almost a million dollars in financing.

Buy Local Buy Native Billboards Arrive

elmer-city-signDriving through Elmer City Washington on highway 155 might look a little different these days. That’s because the NNDF has placed two billboards one facing northbound traffic
and one facing southbound traffic. Thank you to Native owned contractor Claw Construction for erecting the signs for us.