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Business Loans

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Business Loans

For those who are unable to gain needed financing from traditional lending institutions, the NNDF will work with them and you to help make your dreams come true.

We do this by leveraging our resources with local lenders and technical assistance providers.

The NNDF has access to a network of experienced business professionals to help you out.

NNDF Will Work With You To Help Make Your Dreams Come True

Who Can Apply

Anyone can apply for financing with NNDF, however, some things you DO need:

  • NKnow what has happened with your credit in the past
  • NBe sure you do not have any collections
  • NBe able to explain what your business is
  • NKnow why you need capital
  • NKnow what the capital will be used for

What We Can Help Finance

  • NOngoing operations
  • NExpansion or renovation
  • NEquipment
  • NCommercial Real Estate

If you do not see your reason for applying for financing, contact the NNDF. Talk with us and see if we can help.

Financing Options

  • NTerm Loan: Flexible fixed rates depending on the life of the collateral
  • NLoan amount starting as low as $5000
  • NCollateral value of 120% the loan request
  • NLoan fees can be added to the loan

Here Is What You Should Have Ready In Your Small Business Loan Packet:

  • ZPrevious Tax Returns
  • ZBusiness Plan
  • ZWhat are you selling? To who? For how much? How much do you think you will sell?
  • ZHow much capital do you need?
  • ZHow will you spend that capital?
  • ZIf you have a business license, be prepared to include that
  • ZIf you are a corporation be prepared to have the corporate documents that show who the owner of the business is
  • ZOther licenses as needed
  • ZOther documents may be needed depending on the size and complexity of your financing project

If you do not have a business plan or know where to start with one, do not be afraid to ask us for assistance.


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