Big Taste, Small Town Burgers


‪Small Business Spotlight!


Who: S & T Burgers

Where: Nespelem WA

No one needs to tell Seanette Hodge and Terrance Gallaher about hard work. They have been doing it their whole lives. Whether it be for the local school or working in the woods.

But now they have taken their hard work and pointed it in the direction of building their own food stand business. And hard work it is to turn a vacant street corner in Nespelem Washington into a thriving little meeting place for lunch time patrons.

S & T Burgers owner/cook Terry has developed a reputation of whipping up the best burgers in town. And the NNDF has even utilized them as caterers for some of our events. If you want some real personal service they are eager to please.

A year ago S & T came to the NNDF for some financial assistance and technical assistance. We were able to provide some micro-financing and a small amount of guidance to help them cut some of their costs. “We are happy to report that they have fulfilled their financial obligations AND they are a thriving little business filling a void in the small town of Nespelem,” said Ted Piccolo, Executive Director of the Northwest Native Development Fund.

Congratulations S & T and here’s to many more years of service to your community.