NNDF In The News

The Northwest Native Development Fund was in the news recently for our efforts in micro-enterprise development in the region.

Check out this news story from the Public News Service.


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In Okanogan County, the Northwest Native Development Fund is having its second Small Business Gala to honor not just business owners but those who are their best customers. Executive Director Ted Piccolo says every week is Entrepreneurship Week in northern Washington. “For folks like us, we’re looking around thinking, ‘Well, join the party!’” he says. “It’s what we do every day, working with microenterprise and small business.” Piccolo says his group also is congratulating a new group of Indianpreneurship graduates, who have taken a rigorous 10-week course to emerge with a business plan, and working to help market the area’s Native American artists. – See more at: http://www.publicnewsservice.org/2014-11-17/livable-wages-working-families/nurturing-local-global-entrepreneurs-in-wa/a42883-1#sthash.lkgxEXsT.dpuf

In all actuality it is not us doing the hard work. It is all those entrepreneurs out there fighting the elements and the odds to make it happen.