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Fostering Economic and Financial Independence for Native People

We assist with the development of personal assets through financial and entrepreneurial education as well as providing access to capital through creative lending products.


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How We Can Help You


The NNDF staffs a full time counselor to aid individuals seeking to develop or expand their business.

Business Planning

Business Plan development assistance, with numerous templates.

Marketing Plan

Marketing Plan development assistance. Your success is based on successfully marketing your product or service.

Small Business Loans

Small Business Loans. For those who are unable to gain needed financing from traditional lending institutions, the NNDF will work with them and you to help make your dreams come true. We do this by leveraging our resources with local lenders and technical assistance providers.

Budgeting Assistance

The NNDF maintains networking relationships with various local and statewide lending institutions and can help in building your loan application.

Employee Loans

We want to help individuals to get themselves out of the “pay day loan” cycle. We will create a relationship with your employer to help provide small loans to bridge that gap.


What We Do

Rick Harwood Bunkhouse

Community Development

The NNDF has worked with multiple partners to help create a more economically vibrant community.

Nikki House

Personal Development

Northwest Native Development Fund offers a variety of financial and business educational courses.


Loan Assistance

The NNDF seeks to foster economic and financial independence for Native People.

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“In our communities there’s no shortage of entrepreneurs, and no shortage of creative energy. Sometimes, all you need is the right kind of partnership to help that energy take shape.”

TED PICCOLO | Director, Northwest Native Development Fund

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